Croydon RM Network

The meeting dates for the Croydon Registered Manager group will be, or were
October 6th 2015

The presentations from this meeting are;

John Buttle of Social Works, Care Certificate;

Croydon RM Care Certificate presentation Oct 2015

Recruitment & retention

LCAS Croydon RM Recruitment & retention V2 with notes

January 28th 2016 meeting

Rachel Blaney
Lead Nurse for Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group

Pressure Ulcer Protocol and Covert Medication Guidance Update RM 28.01.16

Vicki Hirst, Community Involvement Officer, Croydon Ambulance Station, London Ambulance Service

LAS RM Croydon From care home to A and E – Managers forum Jan 2016

Laura Anthony
Locality Manager (London and South East)
(SW London) Skills for Care


This is the link to the SfC endorsed learning provider list

April 13th 2016

Presentations from the meeting;

CQC; Robert Sobotka

CQC Croydon RM Presentation for 13042016

SfC; Laura Anthony

Croydon RM Network Pres 130416

LCAS; Peter Webb

Croydon April RM C P D

July 21st meeting. Croydon Learning & Innovation Partnership


Darren Morgan from Healthwatch Croydon

The Patient Voice (HWC)

Workplace pensions, presented by Paul Mitchell, Director of Corporate Solutions at Wren Mitchell.

Pensions auto enrolment? Are you prepared for it?

Wren Sterling Auto Enrol Presentation (21 July 2016)

The Skills for Care update & details of the SfC Accolades from Laura Anthony


From Mike Nash, details of the Croydon Learning Partnership, what is available & contact details

Croydon Learning Partnership information0001

Croydon free e-learning for the Care Act0001

Care Association Alliance, Commissioning Survey.  You may find this of interest if you deal with local authorities

Care Association Alliance State of Commissioning Survey

The Communities and Local Government Committee has launched an inquiry into the financial sustainability of local authority adult social care and the quality of care provided

Submission of Evidence – 19th August

NCF – Presentation on CLG select committee

Those of you who receive FNC payments will be interested in the following item

Recent increase to FNC payments – cautionary words

Meeting of the Croydon Learning & Innovation Partnership  September 21st 2016.

Discharge from hospital into social care

Alison H Smith, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust


Medication, how to ensure your organisation meets regulatory requirements and staff and protocols are up to date

Julia Parascandolo, Care Services Pharmacist, Boots UK






NICE information


Skills for Care Presentation, Laura Anthony


SfC Registered Manager 2016 Evaluation Report


Survey for attendees to complete; URGENT


Discharge to Assess quick guide: Transforming Urgent and Emergency Care Services in England


Parliament has also published the item below; Follow-up to PHSO report on unsafe discharge from hospital

please cut & paste the link below into your browser

Excerpt from the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) report.


RedLink buying group offer details




Meeting of the Croydon Learning & Innovation Partnership on November the 16th 2016

Presentation from Lorraine Burton of the Crydon Adult Safeguarding Board and contact details with web address


Presentation from Tracy Winter of Citation


Presentation from Laura Anthony, Skills for Care, including details of how SMEs can tender for funding as discussed


South Thames College information on L3 & L5 courses



You may also be interested in the New Registered Manager’s Portal launched by SfC


Meeting of the Croydon Learning & Innovation Partnership on February 2nd 2017

London Healthy Workplace


If you are interested in the London Healthy Workplace initiative, your organisation can

register their interest on the GLA website

or, use the contacts on the presentation slides.  The H&F information is available at

Croydon has just launched a Good Employer scheme and details are available at:

Join the Charter for FREE and become a member of the Croydon Good Employer Network

Laura Anthony, SfC.


SEMAPHORE PR: Emma Pyot’s Contact details

t: 020 8777 1417

m: 07947 674017



A valuable source of FREE E-Learning is now availalable to social care staff;

Free access to e-learning for care home and hospice staff

HEE’s e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has now enabled free access to learning resources for all care homes and hospices, including those in the independent care sector. Access has been piloted and it is working well, so please share with your networks.

Care home staff wishing to access the resources need to register on the e-LfH portal<> and obtain a registration code specific to the care home or hospice from their manager.


Croydon meeting April 27th 2017.

Croydon Healthwatch; Jai Jayaraman, CEO

HWC Presentation

I would suggest that all social care providers make contact with their local Healthwatch, or Healthwatchs and find out what services they offer and how the parties can benefit from collaboration

Below, you will see the 2017 – 2018 Healthwatch Croydon Business Plan

Healthwatch Croydon Business Plan 2017-18 finale

Croydon Council’s Commissioning team’s presentation

Croydon Care Forum info 26-4-17

Royds Withy King; James Sage.  Recruitment & Retention

The slides for this presentation are available on request to Anna Kerslake at

RWK’s recent newsletters are available below;

Royds Withy King Newsletter May 2017

RWK April Newsletter

If you’d like to enquire about RWK’s services, use their enquiry form below; 

Denise Doggett’s presentation document on Intelligent Monitoring can be found via the weblink below:

SfC update from Laura Anthony


Information from the VODG; Voluntary Organisations Development Group on the impact of Brexit on Social Care Providers


Care Workers Charity  

Alex Ramamurthy, is the recently in-post CEO of the CWC, the CWC had undergone a revival with a rebranding programme and expansion and broadening of its offer to care workers in need.

Already record sums have been granted to workers in need. A new website will launch on 11 May. See presentation for more information.  Alex can be contacted directly at: 07818 858774 and

Neil Eastwood of Sticky People, his excellent book on recruitment & retention, is to be launched at the end of June at the Health Plus Care Show

Saving Social Care Book Launch Flyer


Croydon Meeting July the 5th 2017

Debbie Sorkin

DS Systems Leadership presentation for LCAS Registered Managers Network 5th July 2017

Maria Ferreiro Peteiro

Quality Assurance in Care Presentation

Raj Kumar ACC TV

ACC presentation without the video

ACC Overview – Residential Members

LCAS – ACC information July 2017

Contact details;


This is the special discounted price offer Raj mentioned in his presentation;

London Care and Support Forum ACC – Partnership outline with 20% discount

Kaye Carter, London Borough of Croydon

L B of Croydon 20170704 Support planing and brokerage- LCAS

Skills for Care, Laura Anthony’s presentation


You may also be interested in this information from specialiast legal advisors, Royds Withy King

RWK Phase 1 of the CQC consultation

RWK Challenging CQC reports

& should you wish to contact them

Neil Eastwood of Sticky People, his excellent book on recruitment & retention, Saving Social Care

Is available on line, or from any bookshop, there is a kindle version too.

Below is the recently published Croydon Healthwatch Business Plan

Healthwatch Croydon Business Plan 2017-18 finale

 September the 13th 2017

The presentation from CQC Inspection Manager Helen Wells, is below;

Croydon CQC Sept 2017 ASC Slides with Next Phase

SfC update from Laura Anthony



Croydon Meeting November the 22nd 2017

How to improve your CQC rating and how to deal with CQC; appealing CQC descisions and appeal enforcement notices

Mick Feather Care Business Manager from Citation

Citation Care EventCroydon2017


Mei-Ling Huang from RWK

RWK LCAS Nov 22 2017 PowerPoint (W3248912xAE01B)

There is further news and information from RWK and Citation on the News & Update page of this website

CQC useful document as mentioned in both presentations;

The Adult Social Care Key Lines of Enquiry and Prompts: Sources of evidence

Stephen Kitsios Scils


for more information about using Scils, please contact Liz Uwadiae, Croydon Council

Or for Scils information;

SfC update from Laura Anthony


Getting social care recruitment right

Neil Eastwood of Sticky People, his excellent book on recruitment & retention Saving Social Care

Information about The Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman

Ombudsman highlights the power of complaints to improve social care

UK Parliament updates; opportunities to comment and be a part of legislation

& to get their newsletter

Croydon Meeting January 19th 2018

Croydon Safeguarding Adults Board

Sean Oliver

Provider Forum 18th Jan 2018

The latest Safeguarding leaflet is available at   scroll down the page and you will come to the link. Along with their Annual Report

Supervisions and Appraisals

These are two highly important areas in social care with impact upon the care and support of clients, quality of service provision, retention of staff and CQC inspection outcomes.  To help you these are correct in your organisation, from Croydon College, Kerry Murray will be offering practical advice and examples.

Kerry Murray, Assessor at Croydon College

0208 686 5700 Ext 3023

supervisions Health and Social Care presentation.

PDP and review sample

Active prospects appraisal form.

BETH EZRA Appraisal and Supervision Agreement

BETH EZRA Appraisal Form

BETH EZRA Self Appraisal Form

BETH EZRA Supervision record

Skills for Care update; Laura Anthony, SfC’s Locality Manager


M: 07890514106


Below is an infographic about ISMS, Information Security & Management System which I came across, you may find this a useful exercise for your organisation


Look at the Information Commissioner’s Office website for more information of GDPR

Social Care, Who Cares,  Wednesday March 28th 2018


Care England

Professor Martin Green OBE

LCAS Conference Croydon March 2018


Phil Perry

Co-operative Funeralcare

Co-op Funeralcare LCAS Presentation – Mar 2018


Neil Eastwood

Sticky People

LCAS Croydon Neil Eastwood 2018 V2


Mick Feather


Citation Care Event Croydon2018V1

Below is the analysis of the flip charts, including one as a picture as this was not labelled.

Citation Croydon2018FlipChartResponses


James Frewin


CQC 20180321 LCAS v0.2

A number of you have made comments about the possible inspection of local authority adult social care departments, below is a statement from CQC

The CMA recommended that an independent body take on series of functions including  reviewing Local Authorities (LA’s) capacity
planning and to provide independent advice to Government on cost assessment and commitment. 

The CMA stated that “in their view” the CQC is best positioned to operate this function.

In response to the recommendation that an independent body should monitor and assess LA planning, the DHSC stated:
  • They accepted the recommendation “in principle.”
  • They accept there is variation in the capacity and capability of LA commissioning, and recognise the importance of having
    accountabilities in place to support effective capacity planning.
  • They had already taken action to support commissioners meet their duties and understand the costs of care.
  • The green paper will consider future sustainability of the market, capacity planning and market shaping responsibilities.
In relation to the recommendation that an independent body should advise Government on cost assessment and commitment, 
the DHSC responded:
  • They accepted the recommendation “in principle.”
  • But, “at this stage” the DHSC were not convinced that “the function described by the CMA sits best independently at a
    national level.”
  • They would “consider” this recommendation as part of the social care green paper.


MeiLing Huang & James Sage

RWK; Royds Withy King

RWK Slides for LCAS (W3501763xAE01B)

RWK GDPR flyer (W3529868xAE01B)

If you’d like more information on GDPR, contact RWK on


Jim Blair

Great Ormond Street Hospital’s (GOSH) first Consultant Nurse for Learning Disabilities

Carers Talk CROYDON 28.3.18through Our Eyes

The details of the Dept. of Health & Social Care consultation;

Facing the facts, shaping the future – Adult social care workforce consultation

is at

Please remember the closing date for this is April the 9th and don’t forget to include the registration of social care professionals

If you want to email your MP  (& Jeremy Hunt) this is where to find the contact details

Croydon Registered Manager Meeting, October 4th 2018

This was a packed meeting and we are still awaiting some uploads, all we have are listed below.

Croydon CCG; Olu Odukale, Out of Hospital Care

The introduction of the RedBag initiative to the Croydon area. This has been really successful in other boroughs and proved beneficial to service users and social care providers. At today’s meeting, there will also be linked presentations from

Dudley Sawyer

Dudley Sawyer RedBag Presentation V2

Significant 7 Training

The training has been developed to support care home staff with recognising 7 signs of deterioration in residents and to ensure proactive care is provided as soon as possible

04-10-18 – 111 Star Line and Flu imms Red Bag Croydon Oct 18 VN


This is a presentation on the provision of clinical assessments via video, supporting care home staff in accessing virtual clinical support in the absence of GPs and other clinical professionals. It helps to reduce unnecessary discharge visits and admissions to hospital.

03-10-18 Telemedicine KH

End Of Life Care

Steps to Success training in line with the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life planning & care for residents to pass away in their own home.

04 – 10 – 18 St Christophers Hospice presentation_ BK

Reed; Charles Humphreys. The Better Working Futures project. This ESF funded project is to get more people into the workplace, a potential recruitment option for social care providers. It’s the  Government’s new flagship employment programme, focused mainly on those participants with health conditions or disabilities.

Reed Better Working Futures Employer presentation

Skills for Care update; Laura Anthony, with information about their recruitment & retention initiatives.


M: 07890514106

Croydon Meeting February 13th 2019


Skills for Care update; Laura Anthony, with information about the National Recruitment Campaign and how employers can use it to support their own recruitment locally.


The item below is further information on using this service.


M: 07890514106

S London Health Innovation Network. Josh Brewster Project Manager Healthy Ageing Theme, along with Croydon RM,  Anura Kalubowila who is part of this programme.

Croydon CH Forum 13.02

LONDON Search & Rescue, Allan Aubeelack. Fascinating account of helping and rescuing people, sometimes old from the streets of London and how this work fits with social care.

London Resilience VSP – Youtube

If you have problems getting the video to run in the presentation, here it is as a stand-alone item

This is the link to the Herbert Protocol and it contains all the information and forms needed

Citation, Mick Feather. Workshop on Policies and Procedures.

LCAS 13 Feb – Citation Mick Feather’s slides

Below are the results of the table work at the Croydon meeting and also from a similar event late last year.

Citation POLICIES AND PROCEDURESActivityCroydon2019

Citation POLICIES AND PROCEDURESActivitySWCare and Support 2018

Citation contact

Rosie Figgess

M: 07788 392812

T: 0161 667 4000

Strive Training, Ananta Patel. Strive run pre-employment courses in social care and are looking for employers that would be interested in meeting the candidates while they’re completing or when they’ve finished their course to speak to them about possible job opportunities

  • Fast Track Math’s & English – Free to existing employees, courses run in our center every month & we can bespoke training for individual organizations
  • Health & Social Care Level 1 – Course we run at our Croydon center, where there is a pool of candidates looking for work, so any organizations wishing to recruit can get in touch with me and I can arrange for them to visit the center and promote their opportunities with the view to offering any roles they may have to our learners
  • Strive Care Funding rules
  • Strive Care eLearning brochure – tailored training for existing employees with most being fully funded. Main contact for this will be                                                                             Lorraine Sinnott Operations Manager P: 0330 1170 175   M:07587 554 384

FastTrack English & Math-V8-PRINT

Strive Care Funding rules

Strive Training Health & Social Care

StriveCare eLearning – 2018 Brochure

S Thames College, Pam Hurley. Using a Training Needs Analysis as a part of a quality system. Building career progression and personal advancement into better staff retention and service quality outcomes.

South Thames College Pam Hurley TNAs

Pam Hurley’s contact details

Business Partnerships Manager

DD: 020 89187729

Mob: 07860 753 918


RMs are encouraged to become a registered manager member of the National Skills Academy, as below


Croydon social care providers have the valuable opportunity to use the SCILS Learning & Development portal funded by Croydon Council

SCILS Promotional Croydon

If you look at the topics covered, you’ll find many items mentioned at recent meetings, Safeguarding, DoLS, MCA, Medication, as examples.

If you have any queries about accessing, or using SCILS, please contact either

Stephen Kitsios

Tel: 0115 923 0200

Mob: 07764607813



Elizabeth Uwadiae

Learning & Development Consultant

Tel: 020 8604 7209 (Ext 47209)



Croydon innovation and Learning Partnership Meeting

Thursday April 4th 2019.

Tracy Winter is a Barrister from Citation, specialising in social care, her topic today will be the vitally important topic; safeguarding.

Citation – 2019 LCAS Tracy Winter-1

Citation contact

Rosie Figgess

M: 07788 392812

T: 0161 667 4000

Many of you took away leaflets produced by the Croydon Adult Safeguarding Board, these can be downloaded from their new website;

along with other safeguarding information & resources

SCILS, Stephen Kitsios, Croydon fund access to this learning resource, with a wide range of social care materials available either for online or group learning

scilsVShort – Croydon

Stephen Kitsios

Tel: 0115 923 0200

Mob: 07764607813



Elizabeth Uwadiae

Learning & Development Consultant

Tel: 020 8604 7209 (Ext 47209)


Sophie Coulthard, Judgement Index, the steps to better staff induction, using this as a practical stage to build company culture

6 Steps To Perfect Induction – Sophie Coulthard


Mobile: 07919 990645

Office: 0800 8101025

Skills for Care, Laura Anthony.  An update on the National Recruitment Campaign and how employers can use it to support their own recruitment locally.


Locality Manager (London and South East)
(SW London)
Skills for Care
M: 07890514106

South Thames College. Information about free qualifications, apprenticeships, CPD and important forthcoming changes to requirements.

STC marketing slides – Copy

Richard Whittome

South Thames College


Mobile:07703 770587

Direct Line: 020 8918 7777.


RMs are encouraged to become a registered manager member of the National Skills Academy, as below


Dates of future Croydon meetings, these will be held at The Braithwaite Hall

Wednesday July 17th

Wednesday October 16th

Please complete your details below to join the Manager’s Whatsapp Group.

The group will be managed by Dudley Sawyerr of People Care Services & Whitworth Care, working with LCAS.

Your details will not be shared with anyone outside the individual group.

Please note that on joining the group, your number will be visible to all parties participating.

The group has been created, initially as a trial, for regulation updates, sharing of information, events and to seek help from your fellow care managers.


Any questions please contact or 07403010207






Whatsapp Groups: The Golden Rules

  • Always keep to the purpose of the group! Don’t share irrelevant messages about other topics.
  • The aim of the group is to provide a platform to support sharing information, if you need advice or an update please ask admin or relevant person in the group.
  • Don’t be offended if others leave. Not everyone wants the same information.
  • Do not have one-on-one conversations in the group. Switch to private messages.
  • Please try not to post between 22:00 and 07:00 unless is necessary.
  • If someone asks a question and you don’t know the answer don’t respond with “I don’t know”. Just wait for someone who knows the answer to reply.
  • If someone asks a question of a personal nature (like asking for advice) don’t respond if someone else has already answered, or else respond to the person directly in a private message.
  • The group is not a political platform, No arguing, no heated opinions, no fear mongering, no fake news. Check your sources before you share.
  • Never EVER use a group to berate someone else or air grievances. If you have an issue address it, one on one with the relevant person.
  • Don’t ask to add random people to group. Always ask admin if you may want to add them



Croydon Innovation and Learning Partnership RM Meeting


Wednesday July 17th 2019.



London Fire Brigade,

Fire safety presentation

London Fire Brigade Carers Fire Safety Awareness Training

LFB referral form

London Fire Brigade HFSV referral form

Skills for Care, Laura Anthony.  SfC initiatives, events and news update.

SfC CroydonRMNetwork170719

Skills for Care Contact form_final

Please complete this and bring to the next meeting and hand to Laura.

Croydon CCG, Telemedicine update and supporting hospital discharge

Care Home forum July 2019

South Thames College. Information about free qualifications, apprenticeships, CPD and important forthcoming changes to requirements.

STC marketing slides – July 2019

Whatsapp Group. Dudley Sawyerr  how to join, see directly above on this page for full details.

RMs are encouraged to become a registered manager member of the National Skills Academy, as below


Croydon Innovation and Learning Partnership RM Meeting


Invitation and Agenda

Croydon Innovation and Learning Partnership Meeting

Wednesday October 16th 2019. 09.45 – 1.00

The meeting will be held at      

Braithwaite Hall,

Croydon Clocktower,

Katherine Street, Croydon CR9 1ET

Introduction; Peter Webb LCAS

London Ambulance Service; Chris Neely, Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Care Funding Guidance; Owain Wright. Care Funding Guidance is a not for profit organisation offering impartial guidance on care funding to the public.

Skills for Care, Laura Anthony.  Information on new SfC initiatives, events and news update.

South Thames College. Information about free qualifications, apprenticeships, CPD and important forthcoming changes to requirements.

Whatsapp Group. Dudley Sawyerr will update this initiative.

How to get here & how to reserve a place;

Use Doodlepoll;

Or, please fill in the details below or e-mail:

Link to streetmap for the location of the Braithwaite Hall;

Link to Transport for London;




E-mail address_____________________________________

Telephone number/s__________________________________




E-mail address_________________________________

Telephone number/s________________________________________

RMs are encouraged to become a registered manager member of the National Skills Academy, as below

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